Richard Doron Johnson

August 22, 2006


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Wow! It is finally here.  Did you ever think I would have my own blog to write in.  I have had tons of request about doing it since I am hardly ever in one place for more than three days with all my adventures, and I do mean adventures!  This is the first to come in a serious of journals about my life on the road and how things really go down wether I am playing jazz, hip hop, walking across America or MCing a Virgin Mobile tour like I am now.  Please any comments you have please post and I will check them out so we can share our thoughts together, because as I was told once as I walked across the country “Sharing is Caring.”  

   The past five days I spent them in Philadelphia “The city of brotherly love.”  I was there doing this Virgin mobile tour I am part of and it is beyond crazy.  We have this penny truck that people have to guess how many pennies are on it.  It is an Armored truck with no air condition and the breaks hardly work but the truck brings a lot of attention. Imagine what you would think if you were driving down the street and pulled up to an armored bank truck and saw all pennies glued to the sides!  Yeah it is weird but it causes great laughs when people realize it and trip over themselves or the curb trying to do a double take and see if they are real pennies.  During one of my days adventures a little old lady came up to the truck and sang a penny song.  This was hilarious because she was dead serious about saving the penny and singing her song. 


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