Richard Doron Johnson

September 14, 2006

The Traveling Show Man

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These past few weeks have been a roller coaster for me. I have been to the Jersey Shore, done the MTV VMA awards in New York, Been to Baltimore, MD 5 times, Richmond Virginia, Berlin Germany, and now off to Washington D.C. I often get asked ” Don’t you ever get tired of traveling?” I often reply with the answer “If you got paid to do something you love would you stop doing it to start doing something you would regret having done later in life?” I travel because I love seeing the world. We live in a big place and to not move around in it would be such a loss for me. Most people desire to do another job or led another life other than what they are currently doing and are always in limbo about wether they should or should not do something. I figure life is to short to be in pondering mode for more than a few hours, so I make a decision and go even if it seems like it wasn’t well thought out (trust me it was!). For me the vehicle I chose to make this happen was through music. Since my father introduced me to playing the piano, it has opened the door for me to do and see numerous places. I never would have thought it would have led to me walking across the United States this summer and MC ing a tour for Virgin mobile (via the MTV awards). Who knows what is going to happen next in my life because I sure never know exactly. It seems when I ever I have plan that s greater force has its on plan and it seems to trump mine and things workout even better than I could have imagined. On September 25th 2006 I will begin my next journey which will be to drive west starting from Baltimore,MD to all the cities I have never been in the United States. When my friends hear that I am doing this they often say “Where have you not been?” Well actually there are a lot of places I have not been yet out west like Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, etc. I have been looking forward to making this trip happen for about 13 months and now it is time to make it happen. I have set aside about 2 months total time to make this trip happen even though it all won’t be contious due to my performance schedule (I do still play the piano with Wynton Marsalis Septet and the Hip Hop band AFAR). So as the days count down to the beginning of my next adventure and my 6th marathon on October 1st, lets see how my personal plans will links up with what will actually happen this time!


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