Richard Doron Johnson

September 19, 2006

Exciting life!

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I was made aware the other day that I have an exciting life. This is something that I have always realized but it is always good to be reminded. On September 13th 2006 I woke up and it was raining and I had to get my 10 mile run in for the morning so I decided to go to Bally’s gym. Upon arrival I new I could go for free if I took the special tour they offered in hopes that I would join. Well I had got there so early that all the tour staff was still home sleeping. Thankfully the lady at the front door let me workout if I agreed to talk to a staff member on the way out. After running my 10 miles by 8am one of the tour staff had arrived. On my way out the tour staff member greeted me and decided to not show me around since I had already used the gym but they did try and persuade me to join. The first question they asked was ” What do you do for a living?” I told him “I play piano with Wynton Marsalis, had a Hip hop band going over seas to play music, and I am currently the MC for the Virgin mobile tour.” He stopped writing and looked up and said tell me about the Virgin tour (since he had heard about it coming to Baltimore). After about 15 minutes of talking about touring and the bands I told him I have to go so I won’t be late for my dentist appointment. He stood up and said “Man you lead an exciting life” he then gave me a high five and said how can I get tickets to the concert. I knew he was going to bring the tickets up, so I told him to text 68405 and write the word transl8 and you could win. He got excited and said thanks see you later. This is a pretty normal day for me but like I said earlier it is always good to know you have an exciting life!


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