Richard Doron Johnson

September 19, 2006

Friends and Family

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Having supportive friends and family is very important to respect and cherish because alot of people do not have that close relationship with anyone. My family is definately great at supporting me along with my close friends. I thought about this alot Sunday evening after I did my last 15mile long run before my marathon on October 1st. The night before I had gotten my friend and his significant other into the John stewart show because I was working the event for Virgin Mobile. That night I said to him “If you want to get on the bike with me and ride 15miles and pace me through it while I run that would be cool. The only thing is I run early to beat the heat. The next morning I called him at 6:45am and said I will be there in an hour if you still want to ride. He said “Sure come on I will be ready when you get here.” I am not sure if he woke up because of his own will or if his significant other constantly making fun of him because she new he doesn’t like to get up early. Either way he was waiting outside for me when I arrived. We drove down to the Baltimore Harbor and unloaded my bike and took off. This was a great time for me because I got to do my run and talk to my friend at the same time. I was able to make it through all 15miles in 1:58min and 30sec. with some pretty good hills and heat involved. When we walked into the house after the run his significant other and his other friend both said at th same time “We were waiting to see if you made it in one piece through the whole 15miles.” I promptly responded by saying “Yeah I made it !” Then they both said looking at my good friend “Not you, him? He began to laugh and said yeah now I am ready for the real work out this evening. They then looked at each other and said ” What has gotten into him!”


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