Richard Doron Johnson

October 3, 2006

Fargo here I come!

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1. 7am, rode my bike 14miles on the marathon course I ran the day before. That was fun because it was like I was never there. I saw all kinds of neat things I never remember seeing during the race.

2. 10am, Started doing laundry because I was in need of clean clothes bad (Plus I wanted to wear my marathon t-shirt again!) .
3. 12:30pm, Went to the Science Museum in St. Paul and checked out the Body worlds exhibit. This was great and I recommend it to everyone out there.
4. 4pm, Hit the road to go to to Fargo,ND. The drive lasted 3 hours and 31minutes. The further west I traveled during the drive on route I-94, I noticed there were fewer and fewer cars on the road. I have never been out here so we will see what there is to see,hummmmmmmmmm!
5. 7:31pm arrived at the hotel and then proceded to Perkins to eat.
6. 8:30pm Ate enough food for a small famished army since I did not have to run in the morning.


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  1. whens the next NYC trip? we need to get a Richard Johnson/Shane Mills photo again…

    be well & travel safe.

    Comment by Shane Mills — October 3, 2006 @ 3:40 pm

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