Richard Doron Johnson

October 3, 2006

Jazz Gallery 37

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This past week I spent in Chicago teaching and doing workshops for the best jazz high school students in the city. I have to say this was loads of fun working with them and learning new things about music. Their regular teacher Jarrad Harris was a great instructor and also was a master at his young age at playing the alto saxophone. I went in everyday for a few hours and we talked about the business of music, playing styles, future plans, New York, etc. I think I may have learned as much if not more then the students.

My first day there I thought I recognized the piano player for somewhere, so I asked him “Where are you from?” He then replied ” Lincoln park High School but I don’t recognize you.” On the third day of my teaching I was giving him a private lesson and he started telling me about this great band hat came to his school last October called the “Thelonious Monk Institute band” I then said, “I was in that band.” He said “really? I thought the piano players name was Doron Johnson and his website is I then said ” Hello, My name is Richard Doron Johnson and my old website was He then said “Oh man, that was really you, great. I guess you really did remember my face then. After that we really bonded and he said he would try and get me a skateboard since he was endorsed by a skateboard company (I used to be a serious skateboarder 15 years ago). I have said all of this to say, “Nicholas where is my Skateboard?”


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