Richard Doron Johnson

October 4, 2006

Far away or Fargo!

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Today was a casual day of visiting the small town of Fargo,ND. The weather wasn’t exactly coorporating with us (the rain) to do out doors events (as if there was many to do here) so we decided to take it in and visit the main attraction in Fargo,ND which was the Viking museum. The funny part about this though is the museum is actually located in Minnesota. Once you drive across the state line the museum sits right across this 50 meter bridge. Once we arrived we were not sure we were at the right location because it looked like an office building. Upon entering the building it looked as though it was totally under construction. When we asked if they were open they said yes but only partially since they were renovating. Due to this we only had to pay half price for the tour. I thought this would immediately be a sad tour, but I it ended up being great. The tour lastest about 2 hours and was very well done. There was a 30min video to watch about how a reconstructed Viking vessel was built in 1976 and was completed in 1982 to finally cross the Atlantic ocean by 12 people. I learned numerous things about Vikings and how they built their mode of transportation to withstand the strong ocean waves they often encountered. After seeing the exhibit the tour ended with the veiwing of a church that was reconstructed exactly from an actual church in Norway.

This was the coolest part of the day for me because I got play an organ from the 1920’s that incorporated my running skills (due to the movement of the feet to create air flowing through the organ to produce the sound) and my musical abilities. Who would have thought I could combine the two in such a way.

After the Church we decided to stop by one of the other museums in town but the exhibit we had wanted to see was not open yet so we continued on to Bismark,ND the capitol. On our way we saw an interesting town called Valley City. After driving through this town for about 20min we found the Baldhill Damn. It is pretty massive for a town of that size and basically keeps the whole city from flooding. This visit lasted about 60 seconds because as soon as we got out to take photos it began to pour raining. By now I was ready to get to Bismark even though we heard there wasn’t a whole lot to do there either. After a three hour drive from Fargo to Bismark,ND I decided that I need to have a one hour meeting with Pizza Hut. The reason for this is we had not discussed our immediate future plans of how to best serve my greater good (stomach) with a whole medium thick crust pineapple pizza that will be sitting in front of me. Let me be the first to say this is not a democracy when it boils down to these types of meeting! Gotta go, Gotta go! Oh by the way I got two large pizzas for free since the waitress messed up the order.


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