Richard Doron Johnson

October 5, 2006

Bismarky was…..

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After waking up to 35 degree weather I decided that it is cold and not getting much warmer any time soon here in Bismark,ND. Today actually turned out to be a very good day. I had heard that there was nothing to do in this town but they have a nice downtown museum to visit for all ages that does not take all day. 

 Upon arriving at the museum at 8:46am, I immediately began the tour with hopes to get in and out of there. The first section of the tour was all about World War II and its local residents that participated in it. Then there was the dinosaur section, North Dakota history, and indian history parts of the museum to vistit.
After this I went out and walked around the grounds of the capitol because they had a really nice 1 mile walking loop with sculptures about North Dakotas history.
 Last was a tour of the Capitol building that lasted 45minutes. The young lady giving the tours name was Mary and she made the tour a lasting impression. 

Time to move on to Rapid City, South Dakota. The beginning part of this 7 hour drive was very uneventfull except for the fact that we crossed the continetal divide (Thanks Ken Betchel). Unexpectedly we drove past the highest point of North Dakota that was 3506 feet above sea level, but for the most part North Dakota is flat. About and hour later during the drive though I saw the strangest thing sitting in the middle of a field on top of a hill. It was an oven that was open that looked like it had something cooking in it that someone had left there and forgot about it.

Half way through the drive the border was crossed and South Dakota was underneath my feet. South Dakota is very different from North Dakota. It is much greener and very hilly. The highest elevation being about 7600 feet. While admiring the landscaping of South Dakota I noticed a sign that said Wyoming 14miles east. I had to get a photo of this even if I wasn’t due there for another 10 days.

With two hours left the drive was finished for the day I was pleased to be in the hotel. Lets see what Mount Rushmore has to offer in tomorrows blog.


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  1. […] After our tour with Mary we hung out in the phone booths taking pictures and creating a skit. Well Richard, created a skit and I can’t say that I agree with calling the tour boring, but whatever it takes to make it work. […]

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