Richard Doron Johnson

October 6, 2006

Crazy Horse!

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Today was long! First I ran 5 miles to get the kinks out of my legs since I had not run in four days. If you don’t already know, South Dakota is hilly and the wrong place to get the kinks out after running a marathon. Fortunatley the hotel had a hot tub and I made good use of it when my run was over. By 11am I was off to Mt. Rushmore. This was great to finally see in person (instead of in Superman movies).

The weather cooperated so I could see the whole monument clearly.

They have a really nice walking path too that tells you all about each face and what they did to desearve to be on the mountain. Also on the grounds was a museum of how the monument was constructed.
Also in the sculptors studio is the mini design for the faces that is actually what the moutain was supposed to look like. Unfortunately he died before he could finish the mountain.

After about 2 hours the visit was completed and I was reeducated on a bit of United States history. The next stop was lunch. We ate in the small town of Keystone because that was the only place to eat within 30 miles.

After eating we went to see the “Crazy Horse.” Now for those of you who have no clue what the “Crazy Horse” is you have to see this creation before you die. I thought Mt. Rushmore was something to see until we drove 17miles away and saw this. All the locals said to go see this because it is a work in progress. “Crazy Horse” is a mountain that has an Indian on a horse that is carved into it. Imagine Mt. Rushmore, the whole thing (all four faces) fitting within the head of the Indian at Crazy Horse. This Carved mountain is so big it is higher than the Washington Monument and the Statue of liberty.

You have got to go see this because the making of it and the area blew my mind. After hanging out here for two hours we decided to drive and see all national parks in the area. There are alot of parks in the area that are huge. We ended up driving around for three hours covering about 90miles going up and down mountains, over lakes, through tunnels, by buffalo, deer, rabbits, mules, etc. It was very scenic. By now it was 6:30pm and my gas light was blinking so I had to get gas. After getting gas I was tired and hungry since all day we had been driving and running around. Finally we get to one of the two restaraunts open at 7:30pm in Keystone. We sat down to eat and we asked for a salad to begin our meals. The waitress said ” Sorry we are out of salad tonight since it is out of season.” We then replied “We just had salad here last night didn’t we? Did it go out of season already” she said “Sorry can’t help you.” We looked at each other and was like hummmm? Then I asked for a vegetarian sandwhich since that is what I had the night before and this shouldn’t be out of season. Then she replied “We don’t have those either. All we have is pizza.” After that we decided that maybe we should keep on moving and hope the other restaraunt is open in town.
Finally our second stop right down the road was great and I was more then pleased with my salad. Today was a great day even though it was long.


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