Richard Doron Johnson

October 7, 2006

Mars on Earth

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You may wonder why I choose this title? Or you may not! Me too! No really, I choose this topic because today I visited the “Badlands.” Yes the “Badlands” is the name of this area I visited in South Dakota. It is located 70 miles east of Rapid City,SD When I first arrived there and drove through the gates I was thinking “here we go with another outdoor park.” Boy was I wrong! After 400 meters of driving I saw this huge open cavern that looked like another planet or something. I could just imagine dinosaurs walking around here looking for food or doing what ever it is dinosaurs do.

Let me be the first to tell I have been many places but never I have been to Mars. But If I did I would assume it would look something like this. As the day went on and we continued driving through the “Badlands” I began to think about why this looked so familiar and then it hit me. It looked like the movie series “Star Wars.” Obie One Kenobie, Lando Calrrisian, Luke Skywalker, Jaba the Hut, etc. 

You know, I am glad I made this stop at the “Badlands.” To think, I almost passed on going here to do me wanting to get to Sioux Falls, SD. Here I am conducting my “Symphony #1 “Oh to the Bandlands.”

Well now it is time to drive another 6.5 hours and move on back to the central time zone.



  1. That’s awesome~ When I went throught the badlands, I TOTALLY thought of Star Wars and Jabba the Hut. In fact, I have pictures of it on my blog with a similar titles under the pictures! Check it out, click on July 2005 I think:

    Comment by Elise — October 7, 2006 @ 6:21 pm

  2. actually, i think it was June 🙂

    Comment by Elise — October 7, 2006 @ 6:24 pm

  3. […] Read Richard’s thoughts on what he calls “Mars on Earth” by clicking here. […]

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