Richard Doron Johnson

October 8, 2006

Who Falls in Sioux Falls?

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Hummmmm? Never been here. Today started off at 6am by waking up to get ready to ride 20miles on my bike while Adrienne ran her first and last 20miler before her big race. Fortunately for us right outside of the hotel was a 20 mile flat bike loop that went around the whole city. Let me start my blog by saying she did a great job by running it in 3:33hr, which means she is on track for a fast first marathon (I can see her running a 4:39:41hr). During this ride for me though the first 4 miles was coasting past the aiport into the wind. There was nothing really unusal about this except at mile 6, I noticed a building that kind of looked like a high school but with a whole lot of wire around it. Once I got closer, I noticed it was a prison. I thought this was strange since it was located just 1 mile away from the airport. At mile 8 I rode through a wonderful looking park that had all kinds of neat rocks and waterfalls.

This photos is one of my favorites.

Another thing I noticed is that I had never seen so many sporting events going on at once in my life with kids playing soccer. There were at least 25 soccer fields with games going on Saturday morning packed with people watching (I know because I started counting). By mile 10 I went under yet another bridge to continue the ride (numerous bridges in Sioux city). At mile 14 was the cities biggest mall. I guess it was big by this cities standards but it was no “Mall of America.” At mile 16 was the cities zoo. I thought this was strange too because I had never seen a zoo this massive so close to the mall. By mile 18.5 it began to look like I was in no mans land I was hoping that I did not misread the sign that said a “20 mile loop of the city.” Finally at mile 19.7 I saw the airport off in the distance and realized that I was at the very place I began 3:30minutes ago. This was a great day because I accomplished seeing the whole city and getting a light work out in at th same time. At about 2pm I made my way on to Omaha,NE since I had to be there in the morning to catch a flight to Raleigh,NC at 8am.
On the way through Iowa I noticed that Lemars was the ice cream capitol of the world and had a museum.
 I had to stop here and check it out. The weather as you can see was extremely hot for this time of year so it was packed with people in the Ice Cream parlor.
I had the Strawberry Cheesecake yogart that was great (I used to eat ice cream like it was water but can not anymore).

Who would have known I was going to drive right through the middle of the Ice Cream Capitol of the world but it was the bomb. By 6pm I was sitting in Omaha watching the sun getting ready to set. Who would have known that today I was going to be in 4 different states in a matter of 2 .5hours. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you I drove through Minnesota for old times sake (Well, really just last week I was there).


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