Richard Doron Johnson

October 12, 2006

All over North Carolinia

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This week has been nothing but fun educating and peforming for young people all over North Carolinia. I flew in on Sunday after and had the rest of the day to hang. So I waited for the rest of the band to show and we all caught up with each other on our travels over the past 5 months. The band consist of Otis Brown III on drums, Lisa Henry on vocals, Derek Nievergelt on the bass, and Bobby Watson on the alto saxophone and J.B. Dyas on the projector. Traveling along with us is Thelonious Monk III also since he is a drummer and a great oratator. Monday was very interesting because Bobby did not make his flight the night before so I did his “Story time” part during the presentation. This was a blast for me because I had been waiting for this for about a year. After doing his part I realized it was fun but Bobbys personality lends its self to doing that part so I was glad when he returned. The jazz educational presentations that we do are for young people in front of the whole school which is normally around 700-900 kids.

Over all the young people love the music once they figure what is going on after J.B. Dyas explains it to them during the presentations.

The website that we use for a referance is The first three days were all n Rocky Mount and Raleigh,NC. Before leaving Raleigh on Wednesday I had the opportunity to see one of my friends whose name is Wendy John for about 20minutes since she is going to be living here of all places in about 3 weeks. She came by and ate lunch with us on our way out to Charlotte,NC. After arriving in Charrlotte at another Hilton hotel. I finished reading my Lance Armstrong book “Its; not about the Bike.” This guy really is a trooper and cancer survivor. If you have not read any of his books or know much about him please do some research. Then at about 7:30pm I went to the gym to get on the elliptical since I needed to do something active after sitting in the car for almost three hours getting here. So far the trip has good. It is funny how good times go by so fast. This whole year so far has been sonic boom for me!


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