Richard Doron Johnson

October 12, 2006

Almost Where?

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Today started off later than normally and with a shock to the whole band. When we first arrived we noticed all these painted rocks and signs dedicated to “Number 33” on the football team. Once we asked the band director what all this was for he explained to us that just two days ago a football player who was a senior was shot and killed waiting for the school bus two days ago. He was a struggling student four years ago but got his grades together and eventually achieved a full scholarship to play football in college. As the band director was telling the band this a few members in the band had heard about it when we were in Raleigh,NC but had no clue this was going to be the school we were visiting today.
The first stop was a master class at 10am but the kids were excited. They had their tunes (Maiden Voyage and Watermelon Man) prepared for us and played with them as loud and as forceful as they could.

Almost all the kids come from a marching band background so we had to correct this first. They were very attentive though so I think there is a lot of potential going on down here in Charlotte,NC The next next school was a well off to do suburban school that was hard to find because it was very well hidden. Once we got there we thought we were at the wrong place because it looked like a university with all the different buildings and departments. Myers Park High school was the best audience so far. they new the music, when to clap, when to yell, etc. It was like we were at a performance hall. Afterwards they all stood in a nice line to thank us and wish us well on our final day of touring North Carolinia. Well tomorrow is our last presentation for this week and then I am off to New York city for a few days. I have not run in over a week and I am starting to get the itch. Maybe I will make Prospect Park on Saturday morning at 8am my first time back?


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