Richard Doron Johnson

October 15, 2006

In the Pitt!

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Where am I? Oh Yeah, Pittsfield,MA. Today began with me working out for about 45 minutes and then hurrying off to meet the band. Our trip took a total of 4 hours in the van riding from Penn station New York on up to Pittsfield, Ma. Once I arrived at the hotel I went for a walk to check out downtown Pittsfield to see what it had to offer.

I am glad I did because I realized how close everything was. The concert hall we were to play in was only two blocks away.
Concert hall
Next to Hall was the City church, Post office, welcome center, gas station, city hall,museum and the bank.

This walk took me about 15 minutes and I had made the rounds in the downtown area. The band consisted of David, Tia, James, Willie, and T.S. Each of these members have a long resume from there musical careers. The only person I had not meet was Tia so far and that is because she has been on the road with Beyoncee. That is right, you heard me she is the alto saxophone player for the pop star Beyoncee. Let me be the first to say I was a little taken back on wether she could still deal with this style of music we call jazz. But she came to play and was handling the music like she wrote some of the tunes we played. The concert was a smashing success as always with T.S. This guy is totally a showman. He really doesn’t need the band up there on stage with him because he is a one man show. If you ever want to see raw Eddie Murrphy type entertainment come to a T.S. Monk concert. After the concert they had three pizzas waiting for us with a pile of fruit too. Now you may be saying this is a weird combination but for musicans this is the best because you can eat all the junk you want (Pizza) and then end the meal with some fruit and say you ate healthy. 11pm and it is time to get back to the hotel for much needed rest for the long haul in the monring!


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