Richard Doron Johnson

October 22, 2006

Utah Jazz

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Well it has been a few days and lot of miles covered. This past Thursday I rolled out of Jackson, WY at about 6am because the snow was getting ready to come down hard. You could feel it in the air. Have you ever had the feeling when it is not that cold but cold enough for snow to stick to anything. Well this is the feeling I had with a little help from the weather man. The drive to Salt Lake City, UT was windy and uphill. Let me be the first to tell you that it is not the easiest drive without ice and snow but if you add that in you better not be going faster than 30 mph because you will end up “DeD” not dead but instantly “DeD” At some points the elevation was 8100 ft and you were looking right down a mountain with no guardrails. nevertheless after about 80 miles of this the roads turned into interstate highways where you could drive 75mph.

By now it was 1pm and time to eat. After driving around for 10 minutes ” Bucadipippo” appeared to us and I had never been so I decided that looks cool. When we went into the restaraunt we were seated upstairs way in the back. After 15 minutes the waitress finally noticed us there and began apoligizing like crazy since she had walked behind us numerous times without noticing. Once we put in our orders the food came a bit to fast but I was hungry so it did not matter. The food was pretty good but nothing to write home to mom about.

After eating lunch I was set on going to the hotel and going to sleep since the night I got very little rest and the drive to Salt Lake City was 5 hours long. After waking up I ran an easy 3 miles near the hotel to get my parts moving after that long drive. By the evening time I was ready to go eat and found a great Chinease food place right down the street. Since the hotel was located directly in the middle of the city, finding food was very easy. By 10pm it was time to watch a little bit of the “Boondocks” and and go to sleep. This is how day one of Salt Lake city went.


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