Richard Doron Johnson

October 23, 2006

Mile high!

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Denver,CO is the next stop on the map. The drive to Denver took about 7.5 hours and was very scenic. During the trip I noticed six 18 wheeler trucks comnpletely turned over from driving to fast and hitting ice on the road. This was an easy indicator to me to slow down. The funny part about it all though there was still cars and trucks going by my at about 80 mph per hour.

After driving 414 miles on one tank of gas I decided it was time to get gas. The nearest town was called Buford with an elevation of 8000 ft. and a population of 2 people. I thought this was hillarious that a town can have 2 people and they have a gas station there. After filling up the car with gas I went in to get the receipt and began talking to the guy behind the counter. During our conversation and me asking him do only 2 people really live here he replied “no.” I said I thought not.” He then said “Just one person lives here now and that is me because my son decided to move away last year and go somewhere warmer.” I was thinking you have to be kidding me but this guy was dead serious. I started to think I want my own town named after me and I guess it is possible if I move out here somewhere.

When we arrived in Denver we noticed that the city was packed with people outside and every where even with snow blowing around everywhere. After checking in and buying some food for the next three days our quest was to find something to do interesting to do in the city. After browsing through the news paper and the internet. The “Lion King” stood out of all the performances happening. I had never seen it and thought this might be cool to see if there are affordable tickets left to get in. Once we arrived at the Hall there were no affordable tickets. All they had left was $75 seats and up. This was a bit much for me but I was determined to try and get in some how. After talking to all the ticket scallpers out front I decided to wait and see who does not sell their tickets and then negotiate a lower price once the show starts. As luck has it the very first guy and his wife I talked to got tired of trying to sell his to tickets and I was able to get his two tickets for that were $140 dollar tickets for $80. I thought to myself “score” Once we got into the show the seats were in a great location. We were located 6 rows from the front. I am more than happy I decided to stay and see the show because it was amazing. The costumes and dancing was really something to see. I had heard a lot about it but it is something you have to see in person to really get the grasp of the whole production. During the intermission I walked over and talked to the percussion player who happened to be from L.A. and we knew a lot of the same people. He was thrilled to talk about his current musical projects and even offered to get me on his latest one. So we will see what happens with this in the near future. This is evening turned out great and ended up being a memorable experiance in the ” Adventures of RJ’s Road trip.”


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