Richard Doron Johnson

October 23, 2006

Utah Jazz Part II

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This morning started off at 7:15 am with me doing a 10 mile run in Salt Lake City. I was planning on doing the marathon course but got diverted because of the first 3 miles was 640 straight up the bottom of a mountain. Let me tell you I did not expect that. Once I got to the top I was more than happy to go back down. The good thing about the first 3 miles is that it led right to the Universtiy of Utah and that is where a lot of the olypmpic games were held. It was really cool to see all the left over signs, photos and statues that had been left there from the 2002 games. By mile 5.5 I was back down the hill and in the middle of the city running right past the “Bumble Bee Baseball Stadium” on W. Temple dr. By now (mile 7) I was begininng to feel the affects of the 4,250 altitude on me inconjuction with this being my longest run since the marathon. By mile 9 I picked up the pace to get it over with. After running I had lot errands to run so I spent the day taking care of business up until 4pm. During the day a guy told me about this outdoor mall called the “Gateway” so I decided it would be nice to go there and visit. The first order of business was finding a Smoothie. The first place I saw was Orange Juice Julius so that is where I got my Strawberry and Banana smoothie from and it was great. While walking through the mall I noticed they had a Virgin Mega store so I stopped and went down memory lane and took a photo in front of my former and future Employer.

After leaving the mall there was this soul food joint in town that I remember passing while running that looked like it would be good so this is where we dinned at for the evening. This place looked like a little shack in the back way off the main road. Upon walking into the joint I noticed there were about 8 children running around, no utensils on the tables, and the place smelled like deep fried chicken. I thought to myself this place should be good with all this madness going on. I decided to order the Catfish, greens, and potatoe salad. The first thing the waitress said when she came over to the table was ” Hi, Let me first tell you we are out of Greens, and potatoe salad. Do you need more time to order?” I said ” What about the corn on the cobb?” she then replied ” Let me check.” This was not a good sign so I said I would take what ever you have left which ended up being backed beans and green beans. To make up for there lack of food though they offered me some warm Apple Cobbler and ice cream. I have to say this saved there reputation and my stomach from going somewhere else to eat.

I have to say I really dig Salt Lake City and I think during the right time of year this could be a great place to hang for a few months!


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