Richard Doron Johnson

October 24, 2006

62 Degrees and it just Snowed!

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The weather here is crazy warm. It was 62 degrees today and it snowed 2 days ago. After working out early this morning I drove around the town Westminster,CO to see how lively the city was. There is alot going on with all the new buildings going up around here. Anyway the first stop for the day was the Denver Aquarium.

The cost to enter was $13 a person. The reason I am relaying the price is because I thought it was over priced. The Aquarium was nice and all but it took about 45 minutes to see everything.

After the Aquarium we decided to go down to the “16th Street Mall.” This is the place everyone in Denver said to go to since this was a main attraction. I had previously been here about 3 years ago and remember it like it was yesterday. Since the weather was so nice today it was perfect to walk around without a jacket. The Mall is really nice but it is also nothing you can not find on the west coast. After examining a few stores we decided that maybe the capitol building would be good to see. Denver is a very clean city that has a Washington D.C. feeling to it when you get to the heart of downtown.
Right next to the capitol building was the Denver Arts Museum that was closed to everyone except paying members so we couldn’t enter there either.
Then we decided to ask the young ticket lady at the museum what she would recommend doing. She said ” Hummm, I am not sure. I have lived here all my life and think there is a nice Irish Pub down the street you can go to. Oh yeah, have you tried the 16th Street mall?” By now I was feeling like it was time to move on and go see the movie “Prestige” I was very impressed with this movie even though it was not my immediate first choice to see. I was not impressed with the price of it though. When the man said $7 dollars for a 4:20pm show I said ” Man this is like New York almost.” I guess with all the new buildings going up they have to make their money somehow. By now it was almost 7pm and I was getting tired and hungry. Denver was nice, spic and span clean but, I think I prefer Boulder,CO. You know it is amazing that you never really know what memories these travel adventures will leave with you. On to the next stop, St. George, UT!


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