Richard Doron Johnson

October 27, 2006

Curious St. George!

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St. George UT is a very lopsided place with few people that I met from St. George,UT.  I say it is lopsided because if you only go on the west side of route I-15 you will think the city is pretty small. Everything you could possible need is on the east side.  You have Dixie College, High school, and a few stores for your basic needs. The city is clean with very wide streets and is located in between numerous huge, red mountains.  The visual part that is very memorable is that on the top of most of the  mountains are letters.  Such as the letter “H” in lights, which you can see from about 8 miles away.    Once you go over to the west though you see a huge “L” on the other mountain.  The main street leading to the west side is called St. George St. (How original?)  Once you make this 2 mile drive to the other side of I-15 though you see a huge mall, about 35 major restaurants, and an outlet of stores.  All this takes place along side a 2.5mile drive.  After examining what the town had to offer it was time to move on to the next destination.  St. George is located only 8 miles away from Arizona which makes it a great a place to stay if your trying to see most of the canyons and national parks within a few hours.

  This drive along I-15 is amazing.  You better not be tired though when drive it because there are so many sharp turns through the canyons you can easily end up “DED (please reference previous blogs about what can happen when you drive tired).” After about 17 miles in Arizona you look up and see  a sign that says “Welcome to Nevada.”

  If you were looking the wrong direction you would not even notice that you were in a different state (until it becomes completely flat). St. George ,UT  is about a 2 hour drive from Las Vegas, NV and this is where all the St. Georgians said they go to have fun.  So we decided to take their advice and see what kind of fun they get into.  Las Vegas here we come!


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