Richard Doron Johnson

October 27, 2006

Zion was Hottttttttt!

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Today I ran 10 miles attrying to get loose for this marathon Sunday in Detroit. Boy, am I out of shape compared to just a month ago. Any way after this we decided to role through Zion National park.
I enjoyed this park because they had shuttles you had to get on to enter the park which means I did not have to drive. The park was very well orginazed and fortunately we had great weather again. It seems as though we keep missing storms where ever we go. The rock formations here were like none I had ever seen before. They are extremely red and huge. After watching the museums introductory 22 min video the tour began. The first mountain of rock you see is the highest in the park wich is about 7830 feet high.

I was looking at this thing like ” When is it going to fall down since it is leaning over.” They then give you a prediction like 3001 years from now it will be washed away or by water of fall apart.

I was thinking “I am not waiting around to see if it is true.” Next was the 100 meter long walking trail which was right up my alley since I was not trying to walk any further after my work out in the morning.

Next was the river walk. This walk was filled with Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh my! (just kidding). I just saw this deer eating lunch.

As the tour went on one of the cool stops was the Pulpit and the Alter formation. They call it this because that is what these huge rocks look like to most people.

The total route for the tour is about 90 minutes and it is an out and back route so one way is 45min. The shuttles run every 7 minutes so you can get off and walk around and then jump back on the next bus which is great. This cuts down on traffic and cars breaking down. This park goes up as one of my favorites. You may ask why? Probably…………..because I did not have to drive.


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