Richard Doron Johnson

October 29, 2006

The Heat is on!

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On Thursday we arrived in Las Vegas,NV, I have been trying to get here for about……….hummmmmm along time and it just never worked out due to my working schedule. But I am here now.

If you can imagine the Christmas Holiday season times 30 decorated by the japanese all year round you will have Las Vegas. This city has so many lights I would like to see the cities electric bill. One of the good attributes about the city is that it is mostly flat and warm. There are hotels for miles too. I am not sure how they determine their rates either though. The hotels that you would think would be expensive are not and the cheap sad looking ones are way over priced.

The first day there mostly involved driving around the city to get are barings. After looking at some of the shows and entertainment happening in the area, I noticed when you come to this city you better have deep pockets. The cheapest shows can run you about $65 and that is sitting way in the back of the audiotrium with obstructed views all around you. Also this city has more replicas of every other countries ntional monuments than you care to imagine. This city is really a big play ground for adults. Often we would see parents with their children walking around in and out of casinos which was kind of weird too.

Friday we deicided to walk up and down “The Strip” to see what it had to offer.

This populated area is about 3.5 miles long and has so many stores that we did not make it to any of the shows we thought about going to in the evening. This is because by the time we had reached maybe the half way point of walking on “The Strip” it was already 9pm at night and had been in and around hundrends of stores.

You really need a 14 hour day just to walk up and down “The Strip” before you make any decent decisions about what there is and what you would like to do. Las Vegas has a lot going on and for some people this is great (if your coming from a St. George, UT). For me though 3 days is more than enough with the crazy busy life I have.


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