Richard Doron Johnson

October 31, 2006

The Motor City!

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The Detroit Marathon was huge success. I was not sure how things were going to turn out with the weather prediction being pretty cold, rainy and snowy for about a week. But it cleared up and the sun came out early that morning. The starting temperature at 7:15am was 38 degrees but fortunately with the correct gear and training everything ended up being warm and fine.

My main purpose for running this race was to pace Adrienne Wilson to make sure she did not pass out during her first marathon. She did a great job running a 4:34hr marathon running off as little training as you can possibly do to complete the distance. For any of you who do not know what it takes to run a marathon let me be the first to tell you that it takes dedication to run a decent time. Many of my friends thought I was a bit crazy for doing 2, 26.2 mile races in one month but I knew I could handle it as long as I was not running under 4 hours for the whole thing. I just tought of it as a nice easy long run to get use to the distance.

I think the Detroit marathon is a great course that has a lot of similarites to the New York Marathon. First you have the “Ambassader Bridge” which is just like the Verrazano bridge in New York.

Then you have a long passage in Assumption, Canada where it is just flat and very scenic. Looks like Detroit across the water.

What is nice about Detroit though is you get to go through the underwater tunnel which is a mile long.
This is me in Canada with Detroit in the background! Yes, I have on my “Stunner Glasses”!
After this (mile 9) it is pretty much all flat or down hill slightly. The only thing they need to improve on is some of the streets are a bit rough and you can injure yourself if your not careful around mile 14 and 19. Other than that this race is growing really fast to the point where the half marathon sold out and the full-marathon was pretty close to it. I enjoyed finishing at the 50 yard line of the Ford Field stadium too. When you enter the arena you have no choice but to feel like a super star no matter how long it took you to run the distance.

Would I do this course again, sure! But there are so many other ones to run that I have not done that are supposed to be great like Philadelphia, Myrtle Beach, or L.A. that I will stick to experiancing different parts of the country while running or at least until someone pays me a pile of money to run their 26.2 mile race. Good luck to all you New York Marathon runners next week. I am screaming enternally for all my homeys and hometts out their leaving it all on the course!


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