Richard Doron Johnson

November 4, 2006

Back in Las Vegas!

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Back in Las Vegas. This past Tuesday we arrived back in Vegas at 10:15am via a very smooth flight, Upon arriving and finding the car are next mission was doing laundry. This turned out to be a mystery hunt. It is funny how you never see things when you need them but when you don’t you see more than enough. For instance:
1. Numerous times there has been a need for an Arby’s and none can be found for hundrends of miles and then as soon as you stop at subway the next exit an Arby’s appears.
2. When ever your looking for a car wash you see they are all closed or you have to do it yourself and your dressed to go somewhere nice.
3. You need an oil change and you have to wait half a day or they need an appointment to take you since they don’t take walk inn’s.
4. You decide to stay at a hotel that has free internet service. Then once you arrive and check in, pull out your computer and turn it on you find out that the router is broken and won’t be fixed for another week.
5. You have about seven dollars in change in your car and the day you decided to do laundry and use it all you have to pay a toll on a highway that only takes change (no dollar bills and no attendant)
6. You finally find a restaurant that you know what is on the menu and your looking forward to getting some vegetables and fish. You walk in, sit down and order and the waitress says “ I am sorry to tell you but this evening we are all out of Vegetables and Fish, but we do have a great hamburger!)
7. You ask for directions from a local person and they can not tell you anything
about their city except where the local bar is. Then you don’t need directions a
while getting gas the guy behind you sees your from out of town and gives
you more directions nd information than you could imagine asking for if you
needed them.
8. You book a well established hotel and expect a great nights sleep only to find out there is no hot water, the tub does not drain, the sink drips so much water it might as well be on, and your room is in the middle of two high school band rivals rooms.

Must I go on!


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  1. That’s hilarious! Isn’t it Ironic, love the list~~ you could write a follow up to Alanis Morissette’s song!

    Comment by Elise — November 4, 2006 @ 1:53 pm

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