Richard Doron Johnson

November 5, 2006

In or Outer Space?

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After a healthy drive of 8 hours from Boise, ID we arrived in Seattle WA.

Upon arriving in Seattle the rain was pouring down. I had always heard that it rains a lot here but I had forgotten this until we got about 1 hour outside of Seattle and the sky turned dark. Driving to the hotel and passing through the city I realized this city is huge. I had never thought about Seattle being a major metropolitan city but, it is so big I was astonished. The buildings are tall, the layout of the city has number has streets, and the homeless is very present on the streets. These are all signs that I have learned over time that I am in the mist of a big city. After checking into the hotel, we decided to go check out what the city had to offer.

The first evening stop was the “Space Needle.”

This building is a landmark for all of the world to see in Seattle, WA. I had always seen it on television and in movies but to see it in person is definitely something you want to do in your life time. To think they built this 520ft building for the world fair that was held here years ago and it is still standing. Built in 1962, the Space Needle served as the symbol of that year’s World’s Fair. It has since become the symbol of Seattle, and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. After going up and admiring the nightlife city of Seattle we decided to go and see one of my friends named “George Colligan” from New York city that was performing here for the jazz festival. It was great to see George and his piano trio perform some of his standards and originals. It was a little funny being there because he put me on the guest list and when I was talking to the members of the band during the break they were like what are you doing here? I told them I am just driving around the west coast and the mid west seeing monuments ,national parks, and what ever else I want to see for 7 weeks. They were like “Wow, can I have your job? ” I just laughed and said “You already do.”
The next morning I decided to get up and go for a short 6 mile run around the town to see what I can see by foot. After this short work out our first stop was going to Kinko’s to handle some daily business. Our next stop was going to the UPS store. You may ask why would you go there after going to Kinko’s? Well one of the members of the Hip Hop band I am going to Africa with fathers here in Seattle and operates this new “UPS” location. When I walked in, he was all smiles upon realizing who I was.
He showed us around the store and told us about his new operation. We also meet his employe’s who seemed very content with their job.

After about 45 minutes of friendly conversation we decided to meet up later that evening at Mr. Berry’s house.
Are first Seattle experience for the day was the “EMP museum.”

If you have never been there it is a really cool over view of certain styles of music, that is interactive for young people. Also included in the museum is an overall history of the guitar, a Disney history experience, and a Hip Hop history exhibit. This is one of the greatest overall music museums I have been too. If you ever have a chance to come here and see this please do.
Next we decided to drive around Settle to get an even closer look (even with the rain) of the wonderful city at hand.

One of the major stops in the city you have to make is “The Market Place.”

There is numerous shops and outlets to buy all kinds of neat little things you don’t really need.

This is me and Tony having a musical moment on the corner! It was a show down for sure!

Here I am again, expressing my need for speed with the camera so I can get out of the middle of the street!

This photo is me at the original StarBucks! This photo is for my mother. Look Mom and I have never had coffee in my life!

I thought it was a little strange at first seeing all the people outside walking around like it was 70 degrees and sunny with no jackets, umbrellas, hats, boots, etc. even though it was pouring rain out and 56 degrees. I know if we were on the east coast if it was raining like this it would be completely empty at an outdoor market. We decided to stay with the east coast state of mind and stay in the car hoping the following day the weather would be better.
Later that evening we went to a lovely restaurant called “ Brasa.” This was a very fancy Portuguese restaurant that has all the makings of an international dining experience.

The food was great and I was more than happy to be treated to the fine dining.
Our final stop was Charles Berry’s house. Upon driving around Seattle in a bit of confusion we arrived. Charles and his wife have a lovely home and they were very welcoming to us being their. Let me be the first to tell you , Charles is hilarious. He had jokes for hours. I don’t really even think he was trying to be funny though, but he was just amazed at all the stories we had to tell him about our 2nd cross country trip and the type of lifestyle we are leading. After wearing ourselves out from story times and mobile marketing discussions we ended the evening at about 11pm. This was a great evening and I am sure I will be back to Seattle to invest spending more time out here to get to know the city and the wonderful people that live here.


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