Richard Doron Johnson

November 6, 2006

What is here in Portland,OR?

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Finally the New York marathon has arrived and no I am not running it this year. I had more people call and e-mail me to ask if I was. After realizing why all my friends were calling at the same time, I replied promptly no I just ran the Detroit marathon last week and that would be over kill this soon. Due to the time difference being on the west coast, I was able to wake up at my normal time and pretty much follow all of my friends running through the five boroughs in perfect running weather as soon as I awoke. Everyone did an awesome job running personal best and I am always amazed at the personal training and dedication one puts themselves through to meet their goals.
After watching the New York marathon on Television the first stop for the day was the Market place again since the weather had cleared up nicely. Here are a few more photos from the experience.
Looks good and oh so colorful?
Thelonious Monk Fish! Did you know they already have Monk beer!
Do you like it hot?

Next on the list was “The Glass Museum.” This museum is located in Tacoma, WA which is about 30 minutes south of Seattle.

The museum was small but to the point. It took a total of about 45 minutes to walk through and see everything. The cool thing though about it all was that you could sit and watch three workers create a glass vase from scratch.

I had never seen this before and had not realized how much time it takes to create one normal looking vase. The whole procedure of making the glass object last about 40 minutes. I only lasted about 25 minutes before I decided I had gotten the point.

The total drive time was just over 2 hours, but due to the pouring down rain it took about 25 minutes longer. By now the time was 5pm and it was time to unpack, run errands, and eat. Who loves their lifestyle? I do!


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