Richard Doron Johnson

November 18, 2006

Here I am!

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You have probably been asking yourself what happened to this guy the past 10 days.  Well……, first off I made it to New York on the 9th of  November for my New York meetings to Africa and my performance on the 11th with T.S. Monk in New Jersey.  Let me be the first to tell you things have been crazy with all the traveling so I decided to take a short break and get myself together before going to Africa on the 26th (so I would not get there and realize I need toothpaste).  So I have been up here in Algonquin,IL visiting my parents for about 6 days.  Since I have been here I have been running around 60% of the time getting gear, shots, clothes, etc for this one month tour coming up.  Many people have been asking me am I excited about going to Africa?  My response is ” I will be when I touch down on African soil. ”  I don’t get to excited on numerous tours anymore until I get there because so many things can change last minute.  For instance:  1.Tours getting cancalled

2. Tickets lost

3.Passport visas denied

4. Flights changed with out notice

5. Equiptment getting sent to the worng country

  All of these things have occured to me in my  12 years of touring.  So I save the joy until I get to where I am going. 

Having said all that this will be my second time to the continent of Africa and my first time to the South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zimbabwae.  I am looking forward to seeing how “AFAR” does under these rough conditions in this part of the world.  You see, the true test of a band is during and after a tour like this if everyone comes back still excited to work with each other and in one piece after being gone more than 3 weeks.  I think things will turn out just fine as long as everyone realizes we are there to represent the United States and our countries diplomacy at its best.  Go Team!


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  1. I love reading about your journey and about you and Miss Wilson. If there is a wedding in the future, John and I want to be invited!


    Comment by Illene Stewart — December 11, 2006 @ 3:29 am

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