Richard Doron Johnson

November 28, 2006

The Mother Land!

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Today is the day we finally board the plane for Africa. This tour has been a nine month process from start to finish. From getting all the band members applications, personal information, doctors shoots, travel plans, routing numbers, etc, I know they thought it would never come, but here we are on the plane flying to Africa. After having talked to the other three members through out the first leg (from Atlanta to Amsterdamn) I found out this past week for them has been a complete sleeping nightmare. You ask why, like I did? It is due to all the excitement that has built up with this international tour happening with friends all going to a new place for the first time ever. I can understand how being in any creation from the ground up gives the initial members a since of gratitude knowing that all the hard work over the past 3 years has paid off if everyone has stuck together through the thick and thin.
It all started in June of 2002 when I went out looking for the best musicians that I could work with in Atlanta,GA. Once I found these guys after a 3 month search of going out 4 nights a week and listening to who was on the scene performing I finally made some calls and invited those who I thought would be a good fit for the band I had in mind to come to my house and meet and discuss what my vision was for the future of “AFAR.” I can only imagine that when they showed up to my house and I had a detailed outline put together that was about 12 pages thick that they looked at me like I was some type of stockbrocker trying to predict the future. After meeting for about 4 hours and talking over everyones personal goals as well as band goals I thought this collaboration could work if we stuck together. My main thing to express to them was it is not going to happen over night and it may take some serious time, but the end result will be worth it.
Over the past three years we have done numerous shows at all kinds of venues which include no paying concerts to well educational benefits. Some of the highlights were in 2004 being the first live band chosen for the NBA to play during in game play for the Atlanta Hawks, Performing for the Atlanta Braves right before one of their baseball games, and “The Rhythm and Rims” performance in Centinial Park Atlanta, GA. All of these performances and rehearsals of our music and classics have led us to this journey. Now it wasn’t all glorious either. Their were numerous points were nothing was happening for the band. I do think all of this does go into play when looking at the history of making band. To think doing a domestic tour is one great achievement but going straight to Africa is unheard of for a band that is not domestically well known.
This is my first time too to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Tanzania so this journey is uncharted territory for myself as well. I always try and make sure to document every tour I do because you never know if you will make it back to some of these countries during your life time. Therefore, I try to convey little pieces of knowledge on to the band members that I have learned from some of the masters because most people will only read about Africa in a history book or on the internet. You must document everything because in a flash the current tour will all be completed!
As I type this blog and look out the window and see how huge this continent is it really makes you say, HUMMMM? There is so many places to go in this world that has such a rich heritage. To not expand your horizons by going to experience as much as you can is a major bridge never crossed in ones life when making certain realizations about yourself as well as others. I really believe this will be a great experience for every member of “AFAR” and we will create life lasting memories on this 4 week journey.

For the next four weeks when ever some e-mails me, calls, or wonders where I am at, I will be very clear to let them know I am in Africa!”


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  1. I’m so proud of what your vision has brought by staying steadfast. When you look back on life it serves as a beautiful canvus with many hills and valleys. You even wonder why things happened the way they did, regarding the people and events that have formed that canvus.

    Always remember that everything happens for a divine order it which one man will ever be able to comprehen.

    I’m looking forward to your safe return and my involvement with Reach AFAR’s educational mission across the world. Tell the guys that Mayo sends his regards (double d – don’t try to become a king over in Zimbabwe -cause that’s where his roots are :)Jahah don’t try wrestling any lions – they really bite and keep this in their prayers daily “(I keep my thoughts centered upon only those things that I want to see manifast in my life!!!) God Bless and Get it done!!! Mayo – Hotlanta.

    Comment by Jonathan Mayo — November 30, 2006 @ 5:28 pm

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