Richard Doron Johnson

November 30, 2006

Jo Burg

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This trip has been great thus far. Being in Africa is nothing like I had seen in the movies or read about in school. There are so many misconceptions about this place it is not even funny. The place we are staying is very warm and cozy and I have my own suite and all in a seperate building (Where is Miss Wilson when you need her!)
Where I live this week!

Since we have been here we have done two workshops and a concert and everyone has been extremely successful. The first workshop was wonderful because the dialogue was great with the local band. The instrumentation was a bit strange for my taste but I learned a lot about African music and culture. The students were open to our suggestions and we made lots of friends. This cultural exchange has been a growing experience for the whole AFAR crew.

Here is another view:
New Home!
Every day I have still able to maintain my running schedule too. I learn so much about a city when I run during the morning hours. Johannesburg reminds me a lot of when I walked through the valley in California. It is very hilly and some sections are developed and some are not. My walk this summer with Steps Across America really prepared me for the long days that we are having here. Not every day is long though which is great because we get a chance to go out and sight see. This is a very important aspect of touring because with out it you will never see the locations your in due to the work schedule. Being on the road is rough some days though because even when your not working your working. What I mean by this is that your either going somewhere, riding in the van, bus, flying, eating or trying to find a phone to call home.

Right now we are sitting in the studio getting ready to do a live interview on radio station FM99.2. This is funny because yesterday we walked by this station because it is in a local mall and heard them playing some great Hip Hop and we were saying to our selves I wonder how we can get on this station. Then this morning we woke up to find out that we are going to be on that same station. It is a great feeling to know people want to know who you are and listen to your music.
After this station we drove about 35 minutes to another radio station and did a second interview and that went even better than the previous one so we stayed around and talked to the local people about how there history and neighborhood has been developing. Here is some art work from the neighborhood!
During this conversation we found out that the house they removed Mandela from three decades ago was one block over. This trip just gets better everyday. What’s up Brother X!



  1. Wow haven’t been back since I was a child. Too difficult now. [life children and other commitments] Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Comment by mcewen — December 1, 2006 @ 5:23 pm

  2. the show we had at joburg was great hope to see u sometimes from jacob on your left hand side form the picture

    Comment by jacob — November 6, 2007 @ 5:25 pm

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