Richard Doron Johnson

December 5, 2006

What I ran into!

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This morning I woke to do my long run after not having done one since my last marathon on October 29th. Today’s goal was 10miles. Now that is nothing major to someone who runs consistently but once again I had not done any one single run over 6 miles in about 5 weeks. Also today was the first time I used my Nike ipod censor. This device will tell you your pace and distance while your running every mile if you desire while your listening to music. I bought this in hopes to better track all the distances that I run in different locations around the world.

Out the door I began at 7am down a major hill for just about a mile. Once I got to the bottom of the hill I looked at my watch and thought to myself “it feels like I am about to hit one mile.” Within the next minute I heard her voice say through my earphones“ You have just completed 1 mile!” I thought “Man this thing is going to be great if it is this accurate.” As I entered this major park with running trails, lakes, and bike paths, I thought to my self “this is like Central Park in New York City.” By the time I arrived at mile 1.6 I noticed a sign that said 2km. I was thinking wow this park is great, they have all the distances marked and everything. Than I noticed a pack of runners on the other side of the lake running at a pretty good pace. I realized that I had found the area where all the runners go in this city to workout. By the time I got to mile 2, I began to think how am I going to get my water during this 10 mile easy run? Then within the next 3 minutes I noticed a table with people standing behind it all with the same color shirt on. I thought to myself “there must be some kind of festival going on this Sunday morning.” Once I got right in front of the table a man stuck out his arm and in his hand was a cup of water. Out of habit I grabbed it, drank it, and then threw it in the trash. I was thinking “ Wow that water came just in time.” Then after a few more minutes I noticed another sign that said 3k mark and certain areas were marked off by colored ropes in this lovely park.

By this time I realized by the pretty ladies voice on my ipod that I dropped from doing a nice 9:30min mile to a 8:45min miles. I was starting to pick up the pace without even trying. That changed drastically in the next 2 miles because another huge hill came up that forced me to slow down. By this time I noticed a crowd of people walking and running along the same path I was running. I was steadily going past them not really thinking about why so many people were outside on this lovely day. By mile 5 I noticed a sign that said “Runners and Walkers this way.” I thought that this park is even more advanced than Central park if it is like this everyday. By mile 6 I had completed another 1 mile hill and was coming up on another water/Gatorade stop. Once again out of habit I grabbed the water from the guy, said thank you and kept rolling. By this time people were looking at me and cheering and I was wondering did I miss something listening to my music while running. Then it hit me like a 18 wheeler going 85mph per hour, I am in a 10k race and I am leading it. I thought how could this be. Then I looked back and saw that pack of runners I had seen across the lake when I first entered the park right behind me about 15 feet. I guess on my morning run I hap hazardly entered a 10k race at the right time at a different part of the park then the race started and it put me right in front of the leading pack and the people at the water stops had no clue how fast the leaders were going to be going so they thought I was in the lead since I was the first African they saw. That is also why they handed me the water. By this time I had just decided to do another 4 miles on the course. Once again I went around the course. By this time I had hit mile 8 and I heard the pretty little lady say “You are running 7:05second miles and have 2 miles left to go. By this point I was hammering out 7 minute miles until mile 10. When I had heard I reached my goal for the day I slowed down gradually and began walking. I than thought to myself “ My gosh, I was supposed to do an easy run since I just started training a week ago.” You know this reconfirmed to me that you never know what your going to run into on the road. This road thing is dangerous (quote via Che Marshall)!


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  1. That’s hilarious! Like out of a movie!

    Comment by Elise — December 5, 2006 @ 3:07 pm

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