Richard Doron Johnson

December 12, 2006

See Food!

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Yesterday was great! We started off with a radio interview that was in a studio downtown that was built in like 1910. The amazing thing is that they still use the same equipment from back then and it works. Check it out:


Another photo!


After this we got a short tour of the city and got to see where the movie “Blood Diamond” was filmed. The driver showed us the streets where they blew up buildings and cleaned nothing up 6 months ago. It looks like a hurricane blew right down the street and no one ever cleaned the mess up. Maputo reminds me a lot of Brazil. I thought this as soon as I exited the plane but now I think that even more.


After this we went to eat at the cities oldest restaraunt. The food here was unbealivable. The Sea food is so fresh you can tell they just brought it in and cooked it up for you to eat.


Dinner time!


After this we went and did a jam session were the local young people came out to ask us questions about what we do and show us their dance and rapping skills. Trust me when we say Hip Hop has taken over the world it really has. When you consistently keep seeing people copying Uniterd States videos and leaving High school to pursue a career in rhyming you can tell a major shift in the thought process of people has happenend.

Our next stop was checking out the local mall to see how it is different from the other countries we visited. Here the mall is not as developed as Jo Burg but the same idea prevails of walking around to look for things that you really don’t have the money for.

By the end of the day we decided to go back to the first restaraunt we ate for lunch since it was so good. I have to say this sea food here is worth seeing and eating!

Here is some old footage from Zimbabwe for those of you who like videos!


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