Richard Doron Johnson

December 15, 2006

Keep movin On!

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Well, Another country down and one more to go on this tour! Two nights ago we did a concert here in Maputo and it went pretty well (Better then the previous night). We performed in a big arena downtown where you could here the sounds out on the street. This evening we performed with two other big artist here in the country. One whose name was Daniel G. who was pretty good. This week has been hard due to the language barrier but people have been feeling the energy so we continue giving the music. Here are a few photos from the concert:

The band lights it up:

Jahah stops the band so the crowd can say “Check one”:

Now on to last nights concert at the infamous club Coconuts. We had been hearing about this club since we got off the flight from everyone in the city and their grandmother. I have to say the club was astonishing looking. It felt like we were back in the States when we walked in the club. The sound system was on and the venue had 5 different parts. It had a pool, restaraunt, 2 dance floors, and a lounge. I would say it could hold 1500 people easily. Now on to the blog. Was there 1500 people there, NOOOOO! We had about 500 which isn’t bad considering that the club is never open on Thursday nights. This crowd was a much older crowd then the normal Hip Hop crowd. That meant we had to switch up a bit so we did 2 25min sets. The first set was straight HIP HOP and the second was more R&B.

I have to say of all the shows this is the one were I felt like we were rock stars. This is because we ate dinner at 8pm-9:30pm. Then went to the hotel and went to sleep until 11:30pm. Got the call to be ready at midnight. Then got another call to be ready 12:30am. Then we were picked up at 12:35am and rushed over to the venue. When we arrived we waited about 25 minutes to go on in our dressing room. Then finally we went on and did our thing. We have had better shows to tell the truth but our job is to make sure the crowd never knows that. By the time it was all said and done it was 3:15am. I was beat but decided to dance for 15 minutes until I was drenched in sweat. This is the latest I had been up in a long time. Wow, I see why did not get up until 8am to go run this morning. Well now it is time to “Keep Movin On” and see what Tanzania has to offer us!


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  1. Jazz,

    Lovin the blogs, I know the afarians are rockin it!

    Comment by Marcus Dinero — December 15, 2006 @ 2:36 pm

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