Richard Doron Johnson

December 18, 2006

Second to last!

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Here is my hotel room:


One time view:


Last evening was our last concert of the South African tour. This past week I have been telling the guys in the band the last concert is coming real soon and before you know it will all be a blur. Today was a true testament to this when one of the members said what time is the show tonight? I replied “Last night was the last show that’s it, nothing left but workshops and interviews.” The astonishment hit everyone just then and you could really see it. The realization that we only have one full day of work left was like wow it is time to go back in 48 hours.

The concert here in Dar Es Salaam, last night started at 9 15pm and opened with a band called “Parapanda.” They were really good and we rehearsed three songs together yesterday to perform for the show. After they did their 3 songs, AFAR did a short set and then we brought them on. I have to say we did go out with a bang. Once again the crowd was a but strange during the concert but afterwards they really expressed their interest in what were doing. It was also really great to perform at this venue since it was at a University that held 17,000 students. The only bad thing for us was the concert was during the end of exam weeks and most of the students were taking their last exam before the winter break. At about 11:15 the concert ended and every expressed their sentiments about being here in this lovely country and departed ways.

On to today. This morning we left the hotel at 8 30am which is not really early but it was early enough. During our first workshop we got asked a lot questions about what we were doing during the concert and how to become a successful musician. Who would have ever thought I would be the one telling people how to figure this out when I am still trying myself. After meeting some of the local students and talking American students and teachers we had to get on our way to the last workshop of the tour.

When we arrived at this last music school we were not sure what to expect but things turned out good.

Students heating the heads on the drum with news paper to change the tuning:


I tree carved into a person at the music school:


The band that performed for us and jammed with was called “Africana.” This was by far the best band we had seen this whole tour. They were playing some of the most complicated rhythms and hitting breaks together like it was second nature. After jamming with them and really breaking through the language barrier we found out they have toured all over the world performing.

Here they are getting busy!


They even started telling us about festival and things we should look into. To think these guys were younger than us and very serious but having fun. That is what this whole tour is about. Exchanging ideas, performing with other like musicians, and learning about new cultures is what we have done these past 4 weeks. I think we have accomplished a complete sound for the band now after having done this tour. It is amazing what can be accomplished in one month for better or worse!



  1. Richard,

    Can’t wait to sit down and speek to everyone in the group and here about the experiences and life changes. I will be able to learn alot about your experience that way. I hope this tour has really helped the chemistry of afar I hope to be able to rejoin you soon. Marc Beatz

    Comment by Marcus Dinero — December 18, 2006 @ 4:12 pm

  2. Looks like tough duty in Dar (palm trees swaying in the breeze…)

    Comment by Russell — December 20, 2006 @ 1:08 am

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