Richard Doron Johnson

February 5, 2007

Austin, TX

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Well, I am off to Austin, TX today. When I think of Austin I always think of Lance Armstrong (the cyclist). I have read all the books on this earth about him and he seems like a pretty extreme dude. No, I am not a cyclist yet but there are many similarities about that sport and running so for pure entertainment value I read books on the sport that seem like they may have something worth reading.

This week I am performing once again with the Thelonious Monk Institute. Our locations this week will be Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, TX. This is my first time in all of these cities so I am ready to get out and run around them to explore the city. The past few weeks I have been doing high mileage running for me which is about 70 miles. This has really strengthened my running skills and my site seeing chances. Last week I saw more of San Juan, PR than most people who will who are not from there. I plan to do the same as long as the weather permits here in Texas (Even though Texas is bigger than most small countries). It looks as though the weather is going to be perfect for running outdoors though.

Now back to the Thelonious Monk tours. You know these Institute tours are fun because they mostly involve working with interested High School music students. I consider myself a big kid most of the time and I guess this why most people higher me to work with their own kids. So as I sit here in the Houston, TX airport writing this blog I am curious to see what this week has to offer my life in memories.



  1. check out the river walk in san antonio. it’s pretty cool. there’s also a dueling piano bar there, called “Howl at the Moon”…

    Comment by Russell — February 5, 2007 @ 2:18 pm

  2. I just saw this video on some guys who took a tour of NASA.. I don’t know if it’s possible, but maybe! check it out:

    Comment by Jessica — February 5, 2007 @ 7:56 pm

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