Richard Doron Johnson

February 8, 2007

Deep in The Heart of Texas!

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Today marks my third day here in Texas and this is a huge state. So far we have been to San Antonio, Houston and now Austin for the final two days. Driving all around this part of the country makes you really realize how much land there is in these parts. So far the tour has been great as usual. We have the usual suspects out here which are Leonard, Sarah, Tom, Derek, Otis, Bobby, J.B. Dyas and myself. It is amazing how you can not see some people for a month or two and then meet up on a tour and pick right up on the same conversation you had two months ago as you were walking to your perspective separate gates at the airport. We actually have a great time out here with this band due to the personalities of the members in it. This makes the weeks we spend together during the year go by much faster then you would suspect.

The schools during this past week have been unbelievable. Every school has great jazz bands so we can teach on a very high level. There are middle school bands here that sound better then most High school jazz bands in the rest of the country and High school jazz bands that sound better then most college jazz bands. You can really see the affect of great support financially and educationally when it is invested in the young peoples future. They do everything big down here in Texas and music is no exception. Here are a few photos from the school we did today. This is probably one of the top three performing arts high schools in the nation. I can easily name about 25 guys/girls that I know personally that came through this high school who are some of the most amazing musicians on the planet. Some are Destiny’s child, Eric Harland, Jason Moran, Kendrick Scott, Walter Smith, Brandon Lee, Mark Simmons, Helen Sung, etc. To all the teachers reading this, keep up the great work are community needs it.

The band unloading the vehicle before the performance. I am glad I play piano!

Here is the schools emblem

The top Jazz combo plays

The master class we did during the day looks like this.


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  1. Jazz,
    your hair is getting long my man…whens the next NYC trip?

    JALC = Japan????? Europe????? South America????

    Comment by Mills — February 9, 2007 @ 4:45 pm

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