Richard Doron Johnson

April 17, 2007

Where am I

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This past weekend things went like this.

1) I flew into Laguardia,NY on the April 13th at night.

2) Ran 20 miles Saturday morning at 6am.  4 miles in the park on my own, 13.1 miles during the brooklyn half marathon easy pace, and 3 miles afterwards.

3) Then I ran literally and changed clothes and took a car to at 10:30am to Newark New Jersey to play for 500 kids at the New Jersey Performing arts center at 12:30pm

4) Then back to New York to see the last performance by the Latin Jazz orchestra at JALC at 8pm.

5) Then  to a late dinner in SOHO at 11pm.

6) Sunday April 15th I went to church at 11pm in the Nor Eastern storm.

7) Then at 1:30pm off to practice some music for 2 hours in Manhattan.

8) 4pm off to the gym for a cardio workout for 1:30hr.

9) 7pm off to dinner in Brooklyn,NY at “Soda” my favorite place to eat in New York right. 

10) April 16th at 6am on Monday I ran 10 miles in the Nor Eastern rain.  The whole time I was thinking “I know if they are still holding the Boston marathon which is 26.2 miles, I can run at least 10 miles in the rain.” Man this was a trip but it felt good.  My shoes are still soaking wet 2 days later.

11) 8:15am left to go to JFK to fly to Ecuador for a week.

12) flew to Miami and the flight was delayed but I still made it with the rest of the band on the flight to Quito

13) Sat next to a very large gentleman on the flight for 4 hours and he snoared for 3 hours.

14) Arrived in one piece here in Quito Ecuador at 8:30pm for my second adventure to this lovely country.


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