Richard Doron Johnson

April 18, 2007

I Love Ecuador

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Often when I do interviews people ask what part of the world would I return to if I had the opportunity. Well it just so happens that I am here in that location this week.  I Love it here because if I want to to go T.G.I Fridays I can but, if I do not want to be reminded of the United States I can just go across the street and it is a whole experiance.  

My day started off at 5 30am running 5 miles to a Volcano at this extremly high altitude of 9300 feet.  Here are some different views from my hotel room of the active Volcano just 5 miles away.

Feel the smoke arising!

The city 5 minutes later!

Can you believe it clears up everyday like this!

Todays run was my hilliest, slowest five miles in years but I would rather have this pace over trying to run fast and having a heart attack.  By 9am the band was off to the University to do our first workshop. The selected  college students who we worked with were choosen to come to the United States in July 2007 for a 2 week tour to promote Ecuador. During the drive to the University we saw all kinds of peaks and valleys which you can see below. 

Side view of the Valley!

One more Once!

The band students sounded pretty good and had a lot of energy to play this wonderful music we call “JAZZ.” 

Check this guy out reading his music off a Macintosh computer.  I asked him what do you do if your battery dies in the middle of a concert? He said ” look for the sheet music.”

After the workshop we had a 4 course meal at the university that took 3 hours.  The food was great due to the school having a huge culinary department. 

Our next stop was the hall to do a sound check.  Finally we began to head back to the hotel.  We were pressed for time but I managed to get my second run of 5 miles in for the day in the 70 minutes we had to get ready for the concert. By 8 45pm the concert began and the real fun erupted.  This was a great opening show and the small audience seemed to really enjoy the band.  Well we have a few more days ahead so lets see what else this country has to offer.


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