Richard Doron Johnson

April 19, 2007

To The Mountain Top

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This morning I felt good so I decided to run to the top of the mountain called “Pichincha.”  I could see it from my hotel room and had been wondering what the view looked like from up there so at 7am I ran to the top.  Talk about a work out.  It took me 95 minutes up and back but I made it.  This was the first time I used my fuel pack (device contains gatorade in it and holds gu) since last summer.  The view was incredible and I could have thrown myself off the mountain when I realized that I did not have my camera.  Here are a few photos from room after I finished the room.  You can see the mountain in the background even though I am darker then usual.

Con Luz!


Afte I returned to the hotel the band took off to our second workshop. It just so happened that the workshop was being held in the church we were to perfrom in later that night.  The workshop with the college and high school kids went great.  The church was unbealivable looking.  Who would have thought we would have been performing here. 

One more with Davin Wong in the background!
One twice!

After the workshop at 2pm they had a 4 course meal for us again and a tour of the museum.


The courtyard in the middle.


The exhibit was nice and short. Just the way I like it.  By 8pm we were back at the church performing our last concert in this great city of Quito.  Our last stop for the evening was a club called Pobre Diablo. Of course they had a jazz band perfroming in the club.  This was a pretty cool place and the food was pretty good too. After hanging here for about 2 hours it was time for me to go to bed.  Today was a great day and I look forward to many more days like this here in this country. 


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