Richard Doron Johnson

April 20, 2007

10, 2 count down

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Well with exactly 10 days left to go until race day I am feeling a bit anxious to go out and race 26.2 miles. I have been training for this race since December 1st when I went to South Africa on tour with AFAR and now the day is almost here. Since arriving in Quito Ecuador my training has taken an interesting turn do to the altitude here. Training at 9266 feet is a complete experiance to itself. Even the elite runners train at a maximum of 7000 feet for about 3 months max and then 2 weeks before the race go back to sea level to tpaer thier running mileage. For me this has been an up and down experiance. This is because I know I have to slow down running at this altitude so that I can adjust and not pass out, but it really is a mental game of knowing what you need to do and doing it accordingly. I have run more hills this past week then I ever have and I only have ten days left to go to race day. Now it is time to taper so that I can feel strong for the race but anyone who races knows anything can happen on race day. You really just hope for the best and pray you did all your training correctly.


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