Richard Doron Johnson

April 20, 2007

Friday is my day!

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Yesterday before getting on the flight to Guayquil at 12 noon, we were handed the national newspaper fron Ecuador. On the front page and inside was a whole interview about the previous nights concert.


It is a little funny because when we arrived at the hotel I noticed this is the same hotel I stayed at 6 years ago when I was here on tour with my jazz trio.

I guess I am at the part of my life when I start staying in and eating at the same hotels and restaurants that I was in during previous tours. That is a wild thought to me when you consider I am in another country.

Today we had a master class for about 2 hours in a small room in the same hall we played last night. I am pretty sure we had the most questions ever asked in a 2 hour master class this morning about what we do.

This has been a great week filled with great experiances. When I came here the first time 2001, I said I would be back because of the love I have for this country. Dreams do come true because I am back in Ecuador once again. I have had an even better experiance this time then the first travel experiance here which makes me think my next visit will be for an extended amount of time! Te amo Ecuador!


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