Richard Doron Johnson

April 29, 2007


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I am sure your asking what does DNF mean? Well it means “Did Not Finish.” This is what happened to me at the New Jersey Marathon by choice. Prior to the sound of the gun at 7:45am on April 29th I decided to not play it safe anymore and from the start run as fast as I can and see what mile I blow up at (or break down at). Normally I run a nice even pace race since I know I have 26.2 miles to go but I wanted to try something different and that is what I did. I new by mile 3 my legs were dead. It felt like I was carrying around weigths on my legs by the 5k point, but I continued on. The course is great and the temperature was pretty good but once I hit the half way point I was like another loop to go and mentally that took its toll on me. I have done a previous marathon in erie Pa that was two loops of a course to get 26.2miles and that is rough when you see 80% of the participants stopping half way through because they are done and you have to keep going. I went from having people all around me running to not having anyone within 100 meters of me in any direction. I am sure I would have kept going if I would have had some people around me to run with but at mile 20 I decided to call it an up tempo run and see if I can find another race later on. The funny part is I could have went ahead and just finished since I only had 6 miles to go but I didn’t because I wanted a better time. Once I stopped I could see the the hotel where the finish line was at and decided to head back to it. As I was walking to the hotel I started to realize the finish line was further then I had thought. After walking about 1.5miles I thought to my self “why don’t I run to the hotel because this walking stuff is taking to long.” My second thought was that the hotel looks about 2 more miles away and if I started running I might as well have just finished the race and got to the finish line at about the same time if not faster. Once I arrived at the end, just as I walked near the finish I saw three guys I had run with around mile 17 just coming across the finish line. Today was an interesting day but I am not upset because I know I could hang with the distance the speed just kicked my butt. Next time I will go back to running an even pace race until mile 20. I learned the hard way.

On a good note though I stayed in Asbury,Nj and I love this little town on the water.

I will come back here for sure because the people and the food was great. To think the peoples bed and breakfast that I stayed in last name was Johnson and they have a son named Richard Johnson too. When I first talkd to the mother about staying there she was so excited that I was staying there and had the same last name as her son. After meeting her and her husband they told me I could come back anytime since I was one of the family. I just replied “ok mom.”


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