Richard Doron Johnson

May 4, 2007

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For those of you who don’t know I am running around the world this summer starting on June 1st at the steps of the United Nations ending at the same location on September 5th 2007. There has been a lot of preparation going into this by Ignition, Dow Chemical company, the 20 team members, and family friends to make this relay race go smoothly. This week I have been dealing with getting the visas for Russia, Chiana, and Belarus. Here are a few photos from the week the team spent together at the training camp in lake Placid!

Time to eat after a 10 mile session at 5am!

Me trying to get my runnersworld homework done in the middle of the night!

Out front of the Training center getting ready to role out!

Photo shoot by the Famous William Coupon for DOW

Half of the teams luggage getting ready to go on the bus!

Also this past week I participated in an educational school program for 4th graders in Atlanta with the band AFAR on Thursday morning. These are always fun because the kids are great.

AFAR Education!

I can go on and on but this is just another few days of practicing music and maintenance things since I am only around Atlanta,GA for three days.


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