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June 18, 2007

The Message!

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We run like water. We run for water.

We run to bring news to every person in every town we pass through—urgent news of a crisis that affects one in five of all of us on this earth.

We run to remember the sons and daughters, the mothers and fathers, the 6,000 human beings who die every day because they lack safe drinking water.

We run because time – and water, essential to our existence – is running out for all of us.

We run to tell a story that begins with suffering but ends with hope.

We run to include you in the story. You are the solution. Commitment is our only obstacle.

We run to tell a story that ends like this: twenty years from now we will have joined together to bring water – to bring life – to 200 million people around the world.

We run because, in the words of the Iroquois thanksgiving prayer printed on the baton we carry with us: “Water is life.”

“We give thanks to all the Waters of the world for quenching our thirst and providing us with strength. Water is life. We know its power in many forms – waterfalls and rain, mists and streams, rivers and oceans. With one mind, we send greetings and thanks to the spirit of water.

Now our minds are one.”


Prague,CZ Here I Come

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This evening my run consisted of me running into the city limits of Prague. The terrain was super hilly which is drastically different then the past few weeks. Fortunately the day before I was able to go to the biggest mall in Prague and go to Kentucky Fried Chicken. The mall was surprisingly huge with all kinds of stores that we have in the United States. It was great to have some familiar food to eat too. It makes all the difference for me when it comes time to run 10 miles. Also we were provided with massages the day before so the Blue team was ready to Rock and Roll.

Once again I ran the 1:30am shift and I loved it because the temperature was cool and perfect for me. Towards the end of my run I had a huge hill to run down for about a mile. At the end of the 9th mile was the camera crews and all the press awaiting me to arrive and had the baton over to David since this was his home country. After reciting the message three times and handing the baton over to David it was time for me to jump in the van and be rushed off to the next exchange point in the middle of Prague.

Later on that morining I felt great so during Victors shift I ran an additional 5.5 miles with him through the country side to make sure I got my long run in for the week. Today I feel great! I could have done 20 miles no problem but lets see how I hold up during the next few days.

June 15, 2007

Photos from the Road

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Here are a few photos from different places I have been in the past week!

Strange guy who saw Melissa running at 7am in the morning and donated alot of money on the spot to the Blue Planet run foundation!

The longest word in the world.

Me and Taeko reading the message which we have to do at every Exchange point! By the way that 1527 times after we run. This was the first week. Now we do it by memory!

Saint-Quintin Church in France

The back side of the church in France.

Some town in Belgum!

June 14, 2007

First Real Day off!

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Today is my first real off day and boy did I need it. We are really in the middle of know where but the hotel we are in is awesome. Last evening I had a fancy dinner that was way out of my league so only ate the main course but the other team members loved all the fancy cheeses and meats. After dinner we played pool and I headed off to bed at 12:30am

I have really done nothing but caught up on some well needed rest and sleep to this point. This morning I woke and swam a little bit to get the muscles loose. So far the trip has been going really good. I do have to say this is the most hectic tour I have been on because there is always something you have to do or coming at you. On my team which is the blue team though we always chalk it up to being part of the experiance. Tonight my team starts the 3am to 9am shift. I like running at night and kind of in the dark because it is so peacful and your just left alone to your thoughts. Hopefully I will go first tonight and run my 10 miles at 3am when its nice and cold.

June 6, 2007

Feel the Excitement

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Ready, Set, Go! As we got the baton handed off from the previous team in Shannon Ireland, I know my team (the blue team, the best team) could feel the energy being passed along with the baton. Victor ran the first 10miles about 85min, Melissa the second 10miles 68min easy, I ran 80min for 10 miles hard, and Taeko did 65 min easy. I love my team! It is not everyday that you have a team as international as mine that get along just fine. Taeko is a marathon champion from Japan that has a great since of humor.

Victor is From Guatemala and truly believes in the cause we are running for. Melisa is a New Zelander that has that take control spirit.

Then there is me.

I am not sure how they would describe me but if any of my teammates read this blog maybe they will describe me in their blogs in the near future. We run like water!

Song for the day- “Footloose” Band- Kenny Loggins

June 2, 2007

Off to Ireland

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Today is a travel day from Stamford, Ct to Shannon Ireland. As we left Stamford, Ct I was looking out the window thinking about the four other teams that were running making there way to Boston. This relay is especially important to me because It will show the world what team work can do. I think this is an art that is starting to be lost in my generation do the advancement of technology. If everyone does there part we will make it as a whole with the run around the world. Ten miles a day is not a huge distance but with 16 people doing the same thing the amount of distance you can cover adds up quickly.

Once arriving at JFK airport we decided to go to another terminal and eat since there was more choices. The Green team showed up at about 7pm after just finishing there collective 40 miles and they were smelly since they had to come straight there to make the flight. It was good to see them though since we had not seen each other in a few days. The flight to Shannon Ireland was 5:30hr and of course I went to sleep since that is what I do flights. Upon hearing the pilot say that we will be landing in 25 minutes I was awoken by the thought of running across a new land and seeing what the world has to offer. Here I come Ireland!

Song for the day- “The Distance” Band- Cake

June 1, 2007

Take off time

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Today is the day we have all been waiting for. This is the kick off of the Blue planet run. I woke up at 6am awaiting getting to the United Nations to start this whole thing off. After all the media attention was over and the announcement was made, I was rushed off in the pilot car to my starting point.

I was the first runner to actually run a significant distance with the baton. Mary did the first 1.5 mile and then I took over from central. I felt great because this is really like my hometown when it comes to running. I am in New York city all the time do to my profession and I run in Prospect park in Brooklyn and Central park, so this was an honor for me to take over. It’s funny though because I have never run from central park to the top of the Bronx especially at high noon in 86 degree weather. I have to say the experience was amazing though. I was dodging people and cars and the people on the street on were looking at me like I was crazy. I new it was for a good cause though so I just kept pushing forward. When I finally ended my run I realized that I was right across the street from the church my good friend got married in 7 years ago. This stuck out in my mind because it took me about an 80 minutes to get there seven years ago on the train by the time I walked to the train and made all the train transfers. Today I did it in about 72 minutes running. Who would have ever thought I could be faster then the train on foot.

Song for the day- “Eye of the Tiger” Band- Survivor

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