Richard Doron Johnson

June 1, 2007

Take off time

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Today is the day we have all been waiting for. This is the kick off of the Blue planet run. I woke up at 6am awaiting getting to the United Nations to start this whole thing off. After all the media attention was over and the announcement was made, I was rushed off in the pilot car to my starting point.

I was the first runner to actually run a significant distance with the baton. Mary did the first 1.5 mile and then I took over from central. I felt great because this is really like my hometown when it comes to running. I am in New York city all the time do to my profession and I run in Prospect park in Brooklyn and Central park, so this was an honor for me to take over. It’s funny though because I have never run from central park to the top of the Bronx especially at high noon in 86 degree weather. I have to say the experience was amazing though. I was dodging people and cars and the people on the street on were looking at me like I was crazy. I new it was for a good cause though so I just kept pushing forward. When I finally ended my run I realized that I was right across the street from the church my good friend got married in 7 years ago. This stuck out in my mind because it took me about an 80 minutes to get there seven years ago on the train by the time I walked to the train and made all the train transfers. Today I did it in about 72 minutes running. Who would have ever thought I could be faster then the train on foot.

Song for the day- “Eye of the Tiger” Band- Survivor


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