Richard Doron Johnson

June 2, 2007

Off to Ireland

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Today is a travel day from Stamford, Ct to Shannon Ireland. As we left Stamford, Ct I was looking out the window thinking about the four other teams that were running making there way to Boston. This relay is especially important to me because It will show the world what team work can do. I think this is an art that is starting to be lost in my generation do the advancement of technology. If everyone does there part we will make it as a whole with the run around the world. Ten miles a day is not a huge distance but with 16 people doing the same thing the amount of distance you can cover adds up quickly.

Once arriving at JFK airport we decided to go to another terminal and eat since there was more choices. The Green team showed up at about 7pm after just finishing there collective 40 miles and they were smelly since they had to come straight there to make the flight. It was good to see them though since we had not seen each other in a few days. The flight to Shannon Ireland was 5:30hr and of course I went to sleep since that is what I do flights. Upon hearing the pilot say that we will be landing in 25 minutes I was awoken by the thought of running across a new land and seeing what the world has to offer. Here I come Ireland!

Song for the day- “The Distance” Band- Cake


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