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July 28, 2007

Welcome to China!

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This trip has been amazing thus far. This past week we were in China and this was the worst part of the whole tour due to contruction, polution, and an extremely dense populates area. The people were great though and I had a chance to visit the Forbidden city and the Great wall.

Me at the China border!

The entrance to China!

The whole world at the border!

The Great Wall!

Long way down.

The cable car we took half way up the mountain.

Can you see how steep it is up the Great wall?

The Forbidden City!

So pretty!

By the water!

The Hall of Harmony


July 20, 2007

Mongolia time!

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This week we are in Mongolia. This country has been a pleasent surprise so far. Everything that everyone in Russia has told us about this country has been the opposite. So far the whole team loves it and the food has been great. Here are a few pictures thus far. I am pretty sure this country gets the highest rating so far overallof the whole tour for the people, food, and hospitality. I am going to try and come back and spend more time one day! Most of our rides have been crazy because we just drive for 6-7 hours on a bumpy road that are not paved, and have no signs, etc. But our drivers know the direction and use a compass and we always arrive on time. For me this is a bit strange but I am learning.

The road to …………?

Me getting water from the bottom of a well in the middle of the desert.

Here I am standing in Mongolia.

This is a Grrr camp. People live in this with their whole family all year round and move twice a year. This home can be taken apart, transported and put back together in 30 min.

This is the parking station for the horses! They say the most dependable car in the world is a horse!

Here is the camp we stayed in over night. This was the best day of the whole tour to me. I never would have thought that sleeping in the desert would have been this great but it was better than most of the hotels we stayed at in Russia.

Here are the showers in the back in Green tents.

Here is the food truck!

This is me at 5am in the morning!

July 18, 2007

Past Russia photos

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Here are a few photos from the past three weeks!

Will and I doing a fake Exchange for the press in Russia!

The Blue team in action together.

Me showing off for the Television Stations!

Me Swatting huge flies in the van.

Thats all for now folks!

July 4, 2007

Crossed the line!

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Today we went across the border that separates Europe from Asia.

The journey this past weeks has been interesting because one minute we are in really bad hotels with no running water and then the next night we are in 4 star hotels. So just when you think it is getting no better it does about every 3 days. So it makes everything worth it.

This trip has really been a learning experience for me about what you need in life and what you don’t. Three days ago we spent about an hour just looking for running water in the town we were in so William could wash him self off from all the bugs that got on him during his ten mile run. I have seen the biggest Mosquitos in my life here while sitting in the van and running.

My runs have been going good so far. Im not fast but I always arrive in the time i am supposed to. A few people have had issues on the team from stomach problems to injuries but I am holding up so far. I think tonight though I might have to run real long because Melissa’s stomach is bothering her and Victor can only run 5 miles due to his leg. So William and I will have to cover the other 35 miles or so. I am not going to go on too long about what else is happening since a picture is worth a thousand words.

Happy 4th of July for those of you from the United States!

Me in Belarus at a huge Monument on my day off!

Just the Head!

Moscow Red Square!

Me at Red Square!

The Kremlin!

Home away from Home in Kazam, Russia!

Me making a wish by throwing my rubel in the fountain!

The subway in Moscow!

The team Van while we wait for Will to finish his 57:30min 10 miler!

The bathroom 4 days ago, hummmmmmm!

Another View of the same!

Victor and I running 1 mile together in Moscow. This traffic was the worst and the fumes will kill you. Notice all the police escorts for us. We had five total stopping traffic.

The Kremlin in Kazan!

Me, Myself and I

A wedding at the Kremlin. I thought they looked smashingly romantic!

I am not sure what this is but it looked cool! I will have to ask William or Doogy as we call him!

2 days ago this was the facilities!

Notice how you step up to the toilet!

The shower!

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