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August 28, 2007

I See Canada

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Here are some photos from my ten mile run along side the Lake looking at Canada after our DOW Midland,MI event.  This was a great fast running day and this run reminded me of when I was in Detroit running the marathon last year (just a lot warmer this time). I think these photos say it all.

Oh so blue it is!

Both Flags side by side!

I need to get a boat after I learn to swim!


August 22, 2007

Family Day 4 Me!

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Here is my Dad and I at the 7am exchange point!

This is a photo of my parents taken while I was running my 10 miles for the morning.

Here I am with a few team members (Taeko, David, Dow member) on stage doing our message that we do at every exchange point!

My dad starting the run with me!

Victor and I eating at Denny’s with my parents after we ran our segment in Joliet,IL

This morning I had to be at the 7:30 exchange point to run my ten miles which was located in Joliet, IL.  This drive was 61 miles south of my Parents house which meant we had to leave at 5am to beat the traffic and factor in the possibility of getting lost. Once we arrived at 6:30am we could already see the DOW employee’s setting up the breakfast.  It was probably a good thing that I got there when I did because I had time to spend with them and tell them about the run.  While there my parents talked to members of the ignition staff and the running team.  This was a very good day for me even though the temperature was 80 degrees and 80% humidity during my run. My friends on the team could see right away how my family was related and the characteristics that make us Johnson’s.  After completing my parents, Victor and I went out to eat since we were really hungry.  Afterwards we took a tour downtown Chicago since it was only 12 miles away and Victor had never been there.  I was glad to go and explore the city once more.  I didn’t think I was going to see anything new but I have learned over time in my 32 years if you keep your eyes open long enough and wide enough you will see something you did not see before. By 2pm  Victor and I were super tired so it was off to get some much needed rest.

August 20, 2007

32 years and counting up!

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Me at 32 on My birthday August 20th 2007 at my parents house!

Today was my birthday and I am glad to have had the opportunity to go home to my parents house and spend it with them.  At the stroke of midnight I was finishing a hilly 10 mile run in Jefferson city, MO.  I was glad to have this chance to run at this time though because I figured if I was going to be doing anything while I was out on the road it would be running or playing piano and playing piano wasn’t an option this year. As I arrived at the exchange point my team sang happy Birthday to me and I really appreciated it because the only other people I knew who were going to sing it to me was my Grandmother and my mother. After my team finished our segment of the run plus an additional 5 miles for the team after us since a member of the orange was injured we took off to the St. Louis airport.  I was nervous that I would not make the flight that I wanted to get on since the drive was 80 miles and we left the exchange point at 3:50am.  But miraculously we made it there and I was able to get on a 6am flight to Ohare.  This was great because I made it to my parents house by 8am in the morning.  So I had the whole day in Algonquin to celebrate and take care of some errands I had to run. Having not slept all night because of the shift we were on and then trying to stay up all day was rough.  I ended up laying down for about 2 hours at 5pm but that was it until 2am in the morning. Most of the day I spent helping my dad move furniture out of the house since my mother had replaced a heavy tv, computer stand, and a snow blower. It was fine by me though because I was glad to have the strength to help and be there to do it.  Today was a great day for me and I am blessed to have made another year in one piece after having run around the world.

August 13, 2007

Denvers High point!

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My partner Ken from Steps Across America who came out and ran with me while I was crossing Denver,CO

It has been a year since I have seen my friend Ken who walked across the country with me last year.  It is funny because last year he wasn’t running at all and now he can easily go out and run 10 miles in 90 minutes.  I am proud of him for coming such a long way and sticking out it out becoming such a good friend and athlete!  Keep up the great enthusiasm.

August 10, 2007

Day off

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Yesterday my run was at 7300 feet altitude.  For anyone who has no idea what that means, it means it was 20% less air to breath.   These means if your not in great shape your heart will feel like it is about to pop out from being over worked.  This type of altitude is where the top athletes in the world train for the Olympics.  After doing my 10 miles in 85min I felt good and I knew my teammate Victor was struggling so I did his leg also with him.  I felt pretty good after the run and it was nice to be able to say I did 20 miles on one of the hardest days.  The great thing is today is my off day so I will have almost 2 days to recover and get back out there running. To help out with the recovery we have a massage therapist out here on the  road which is really great. She works on us on our off days to keep us running and well. Right now I am awaiting the rest of the team so we can get out of this town and drive 5 hours to Moab,UT.  The worst part of the trip is the riding in the van for extreme periods of time!  Here we go!

August 8, 2007

Mt. Zion

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Wow! Who would have ever thought I would have been back in Zion National park so fast. Last year I took a 10 week road trip and drove through here and visited the park for a day while I was staying in St. George UT. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. I never would have thought though I would be back here this fast though.

Yesterday my team Unit Blue drove through the whole park and took an hour break for a scenic stop.

During this stop Victor and I went to eat at this small hometown restaurant that was great.

While there I saw this Bosenberry Pie that I had to buy and try out. I remember seeing it a little less than a year ago and I did not try it, so I was going to make sure that I got a whole pie this time. I am so glad that I did purchase it this time. After one sniff and visual of the pie I was hooked. After proceeding with the drive I showed the team some of my photos from last year when I was here and they were amazed at the depth and quality of the photos. So far the blue planet running trip has been a once in a life time experiance.

August 5, 2007

U.S. Soil

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August 5th

Last week I had a great time in the San Francisco bay area. The goal was to run from there to L.A.  During this time I finally got to eat some great food and had really good company.  I had been awaiting my time when I could go into a restaurant and order for myself what ever I wanted. Its also good to see and feel the improvement in  my running since it has gotten a lot easier due to the help of some specific people riding along side me on the bike.  I always tend to run better if someone is on the bike next to me or is running just one step ahead of me the whole team. Also I think it helped that I had these awesome chocolate chip cookies that were made in Apple Valley MN thanks to the Jensen Family.  There is nothing to make me run better then a Smoothie or some great cookies! Go Blue team and the support imported staff.

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