Richard Doron Johnson

August 8, 2007

Mt. Zion

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Wow! Who would have ever thought I would have been back in Zion National park so fast. Last year I took a 10 week road trip and drove through here and visited the park for a day while I was staying in St. George UT. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. I never would have thought though I would be back here this fast though.

Yesterday my team Unit Blue drove through the whole park and took an hour break for a scenic stop.

During this stop Victor and I went to eat at this small hometown restaurant that was great.

While there I saw this Bosenberry Pie that I had to buy and try out. I remember seeing it a little less than a year ago and I did not try it, so I was going to make sure that I got a whole pie this time. I am so glad that I did purchase it this time. After one sniff and visual of the pie I was hooked. After proceeding with the drive I showed the team some of my photos from last year when I was here and they were amazed at the depth and quality of the photos. So far the blue planet running trip has been a once in a life time experiance.


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