Richard Doron Johnson

August 10, 2007

Day off

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Yesterday my run was at 7300 feet altitude.  For anyone who has no idea what that means, it means it was 20% less air to breath.   These means if your not in great shape your heart will feel like it is about to pop out from being over worked.  This type of altitude is where the top athletes in the world train for the Olympics.  After doing my 10 miles in 85min I felt good and I knew my teammate Victor was struggling so I did his leg also with him.  I felt pretty good after the run and it was nice to be able to say I did 20 miles on one of the hardest days.  The great thing is today is my off day so I will have almost 2 days to recover and get back out there running. To help out with the recovery we have a massage therapist out here on the  road which is really great. She works on us on our off days to keep us running and well. Right now I am awaiting the rest of the team so we can get out of this town and drive 5 hours to Moab,UT.  The worst part of the trip is the riding in the van for extreme periods of time!  Here we go!


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  1. keep truckin’ Richard.

    NYC soon! (my son Griffin’s 1st birthday — Sept. 4th)

    Comment by Mills — August 13, 2007 @ 2:10 am

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