Richard Doron Johnson

August 20, 2007

32 years and counting up!

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Me at 32 on My birthday August 20th 2007 at my parents house!

Today was my birthday and I am glad to have had the opportunity to go home to my parents house and spend it with them.  At the stroke of midnight I was finishing a hilly 10 mile run in Jefferson city, MO.  I was glad to have this chance to run at this time though because I figured if I was going to be doing anything while I was out on the road it would be running or playing piano and playing piano wasn’t an option this year. As I arrived at the exchange point my team sang happy Birthday to me and I really appreciated it because the only other people I knew who were going to sing it to me was my Grandmother and my mother. After my team finished our segment of the run plus an additional 5 miles for the team after us since a member of the orange was injured we took off to the St. Louis airport.  I was nervous that I would not make the flight that I wanted to get on since the drive was 80 miles and we left the exchange point at 3:50am.  But miraculously we made it there and I was able to get on a 6am flight to Ohare.  This was great because I made it to my parents house by 8am in the morning.  So I had the whole day in Algonquin to celebrate and take care of some errands I had to run. Having not slept all night because of the shift we were on and then trying to stay up all day was rough.  I ended up laying down for about 2 hours at 5pm but that was it until 2am in the morning. Most of the day I spent helping my dad move furniture out of the house since my mother had replaced a heavy tv, computer stand, and a snow blower. It was fine by me though because I was glad to have the strength to help and be there to do it.  Today was a great day for me and I am blessed to have made another year in one piece after having run around the world.


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