Richard Doron Johnson

August 22, 2007

Family Day 4 Me!

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Here is my Dad and I at the 7am exchange point!

This is a photo of my parents taken while I was running my 10 miles for the morning.

Here I am with a few team members (Taeko, David, Dow member) on stage doing our message that we do at every exchange point!

My dad starting the run with me!

Victor and I eating at Denny’s with my parents after we ran our segment in Joliet,IL

This morning I had to be at the 7:30 exchange point to run my ten miles which was located in Joliet, IL.  This drive was 61 miles south of my Parents house which meant we had to leave at 5am to beat the traffic and factor in the possibility of getting lost. Once we arrived at 6:30am we could already see the DOW employee’s setting up the breakfast.  It was probably a good thing that I got there when I did because I had time to spend with them and tell them about the run.  While there my parents talked to members of the ignition staff and the running team.  This was a very good day for me even though the temperature was 80 degrees and 80% humidity during my run. My friends on the team could see right away how my family was related and the characteristics that make us Johnson’s.  After completing my parents, Victor and I went out to eat since we were really hungry.  Afterwards we took a tour downtown Chicago since it was only 12 miles away and Victor had never been there.  I was glad to go and explore the city once more.  I didn’t think I was going to see anything new but I have learned over time in my 32 years if you keep your eyes open long enough and wide enough you will see something you did not see before. By 2pm  Victor and I were super tired so it was off to get some much needed rest.


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